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Paint & design ideas for your living room

WALLS IN Limestone No.55


The living room is a multi-functional space and one of the hardest working rooms in the house. Used for entertaining, relaxing, eating, working, reading and play, it’s important to think about your design in terms of fulfilling these needs.

One of the first things to do is set the colour tone. Whether you want to go for classic whites and neutrals or be bold with brights, paint is sure to transform your space.


WALLS IN Honest John No.58, Ceiling IN Charterhouse No.4

WALLS IN Honest John No.58, Ceiling IN Charterhouse No.4

WALLS IN Threadneedle No.262, Bookshelves IN Soho House No.266

Walls in Soho House No.266, Floorboards in Downing Street No.10

The Minimalist look

Popular amongst younger demographics looking to add simplicity and sophistication to their interior design, minimalist colour schemes often incorporate simple neutral shades with uncomplicated contrasts. Simple black and white designs, soft contrasts between neutrals and taupe shades, or even a small pop of colour can be easy to implement in a DIY project. Minimalist colour schemes are great for simplifying your living room walls and creating a modern and relaxed living space.

Make a statement

Living room decor can provide fun and interest by creating a strong focal point. Accent walls using strong, bold colours, or interesting contrasts can be perfect for creating a memorable and interesting space. A pop of colour is great for drawing attention and making a room feel modern and fun, for example contrasting a soft neutral with bright, light blue walls or lime green features is sure to be a standout feature.

WALLS in Golden Square No.131, Woodwork in Lemon Salts No.43

WALLS IN Cornhill No.128

Bright and airy

Living rooms can be the perfect space to create a bright, airy and spacious atmosphere. Using pastels and crisp white paints can enhance the existing natural light, or bring light to a space that lacks it naturally. White walls paired with neutrals containing subtle undertones, or soft shades such as pale green walls can be relaxing, and bring a fresh sense of openness to your living room design.

WALLS IN Alderman No.60

Walls in Soho House No.266, Floorboards in Downing Street No.10

Colour combinations

Don't be afraid to be bold with your colour combinations in your living room decor. It can be an opportunity to be more adventurous than in rooms such as the dining room, where we tend to keep things more simple and universal.

We want these spaces to be the heart of a home and feel warm, inviting and interesting. Adventurous choices such as burnt orange paint colours can really warm up a space, or a green living room can bring a natural and fresh feel. Shades of blue paint can bring depth and tranquillity, and balancing blue living rooms with different shades of off-white is a great way to bring a diverse feel to the room.

Walls in Arts Club No.281



Modern Living Room Paint Ideas

Modern living rooms benefit from creative uses of colour, and typically our Marble Matt Emulsion provides a soft, welcoming look suitable for a living room. Painting features such as shelving units and cabinetry in a high-gloss finish can create interesting focal points. Interesting graphic uses of bright paints can look particularly modern, and are particularly striking in a white living room, as they will stand out as a feature.

Paint colour schemes that match modern furnishings, or even subtly complement them can be highly desired due to the significance that furniture holds in displaying someone's sense of style and individuality.


A cosy space

For a cosy living space, dark colours come into their own. Living rooms are the heart of the home, and in essence, a space to relax and enjoy your downtime. In rooms that feature woodwork such as shelving and panelling, painting these features in darker colours can really help to blend them into the room, and create a classic and relaxing living area.
Natural colours can also help with this, such as neutral earthy tones, or natural mint greens. Choosing paint colours that have a timeless appeal often helps to create a cosy atmosphere, as we often relate timeless colours to nostalgia and warmth. Mylands' archive collection is a great place to start when looking for paints with this appeal.

WALLS in Threadneedle No.262, Shelves in Soho House No.266, Skirting in Temple Bar No.70

Right wall in Rothschild street No.296


WALLS IN Onslow No.48

Make sure when choosing your colour that you take into account natural light. Remember that light (whether too much or too little) can hugely affect our perception of colour.

WALLS IN Pure White No.1