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Exterior paint & design ideas


Using colour on exterior masonry, woodwork or garden accessories can be a fun way to experiment with bold new colour palettes.

When it comes to painting any exterior, be it woodwork, metalwork or masonry, preparation is key. To get the best effect, make sure  surfaces are smooth, bump and dirt free before applying a primer and the final choice of colour.

Front door in arts club No.281

Front door in Beaufort gardens No.212

second house in Notting Hill No.213

Front door in Lambeth Walk No.210

Front door in Lolly Pop No.275

Front door in Market Green No.39

Front door in Mortlake Red No.290

Walls in Fitzrovia No.26

FENCE IN Pure White NO.1

Front door in Bond Street No.219

Front door in FTT-009

Front door in Pink House Pink