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Paint & design ideas for your hallway


Make first impressions count with your hallway. The hallway decor is often left to last but should always be considered as it sets the tone for the rest of the house. Often smaller spaces with less sunlight than other areas, hallways are the perfect place to use colour.

 Fun and function can go hand in hand, and with painted details you can draw the eye through the hallway and towards the places you want people to go.

Walls above dado in Alderman™ No.60, bannister in Downing Street™ no.10

Door and Stairs in IN PINK HOUSE PINK, wall in Belgravia™ No.6

Dark hallways

Using a small splash of bright colour in a hallway can create a memorable, unique feature for your home. Bright hallway paint colours are great for adding a bit more light to these often dark spaces and can provide a hint at the colour scheme for other areas of the house.

If you're feeling adventurous, filling your hallway with a bright paint colour will be instantly eyecatching, and can create a feeling of warmth and welcoming. Pastels, bright yellows, and stunning light blues can all be bold colour ideas for your entrance hall, and bring some light back into the space.

Narrow hallways

If you are looking to create a more subtly painted hallway, whilst still adding light and the illusion of space, especially in a narrow hallway, bright neutral and white shades are the way to go. Using two different tones on either side of a feature such as a dado, or contrasting with your skirting boards, can be a great decorating idea that adds subtle interest without a risk of being overpowering.

 A bright white paint or even off-white can bring a fresh, modern appeal, especially when contrasted with black or dark grey paint. White hallway colour schemes are timeless and traditional, and having white walls is a great way to introduce light and space to a narrow hallway.

Walls above dado in Alderman™ No.60, bannister in Downing Street™ no.10

Walls above dado in Alderman™ No.60, bannister in Downing Street™ no.10

STAIRS & RIGHT WALl in Wharf Sacking™ No.127, Back wall in Sella

Small Hallways

Similarly to narrow hallways, small hallway spaces can benefit from bright white and neutral walls. With there often being a lack of natural light, using too dark a paint shade can make it feel gloomy and unwelcoming.

Whilst having a small hallway can seem like a hindrance, is it a great opportunity to create a unique, characterful space that welcomes you home. Using a warm wall paint can make the space feel inviting, and is especially charming. Cooler shades can give a more contemporary feel, and have a sense of intrigue and depth.


Hallways with panelling

Panelling in a hallway automatically brings its own unique character to the space. Painting the woodwork in a contrasting colour to your walls and ceiling can be a design element that adds interest without taking up any space. You can also add sharp contrast with the colour of your bannisters, stairs, and skirting boards.

On the subject of woodwork, when painting your front door, remember that it doesn't have to be the same colour on both sides. If a bright exterior is more your style, but you want to keep the hallway neutral and fresh, then this can be a great design idea.

Hallway makeover

Giving your hallway the full DIY makeover treatment requires careful planning. It is a great opportunity to awaken your inner interior designer and create the entryway of your dreams. The only caveat many of us have is that we want to be careful not to diverge too far from the home decor employed in spaces like our living room or dining room.

We often like to create a focal point in the hallway, such as a console table, chair, or even a gallery wall to add unique character. Using paint colours that don't distract too much from these features can be beneficial, for example using natural, neutral tones with a calming and balanced appeal. The paint colour scheme of your hallway walls can even complement these features, and finding the perfect match will elevate your interior design.

Don't be afraid of using bold colours to make a statement, however. A strong hallway can incorporate a range of bright paint colours, and the best hallway paint ideas often come from thinking outside the box and matching the mood of the house.

Hallways are the most high-traffic spaces in the house, and thus require a hard wearing and durable paint to avoid scuffs and damage, making the hallway feel new and fresh for years to come. At Mylands, we pride ourselves on the durability of our paints, and you can rest easy knowing that all of our finishes are naturally hard-wearing. Our signature Marble Matt Emulsion™ paint is made using super fine ground marble powder and is able to be wiped, washed and even scrubbed.