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Yellow and orange paint ideas for your home 

Versatile, bright and the colour of eternal summer, yellow will brighten up even the dreariest of spaces. From deep mustard to bright golds, yellow accents can really transform a space.

Orange is bold, bright and uplifting. Perfect for accent furniture or softened up with neutrals to temper the shade. 

Walls in Lemon Salts™ No.43, Skirting & Window Frame in Hurlingham™ No.181, Beds in Lolly Pop™ No.275 (Wood & Metal Gloss)

Door & Walls in Golden Square™ No.131, Walls in Burlington Arcade™ No.216, Railings in Sinner™ No.238, Left wall in Temple Bar™ No.70

Bright Yellow Paint Colours

Bright shades of yellow paint can really bring a warm and inviting feel to your colour schemes. A standout feature in a living room, or a welcoming tone for a front door/hallway, bright yellows are great - just be careful not to overdo it for the design you are going for.

Deep yellows such as bestselling Haymarket™ No.47, and mustard yellow paints like Freegrove Mustard™ are great for a DIY project, to add a simple contrast with lots of character and warmth.

Shelves in Pimlico™ No.136 (Wood & Metal Eggshell) - @thehousethatcolourbuilt

Walls in Pimlico™ No.136, Shelves in Pimlico™ No.136 (Wood & Metal Eggshell) Ceiling in Lemon Salts™ No.43 - @thehousethatcolourbuilt

Pale Yellow Paint Colours

Paler tones are great for incorporating yellow walls into your home, as they are less overpowering than brighter shades, and pair easily with numerous other colours. White paints with yellow undertones are perfectly suited to use as wall paint, especially in larger rooms to stop them from feeling empty and clinical.

Light yellow paint can be a good pairing with pastel blue and more natural shades, as well as providing a soft yellow contrast to off white and pale neutral paints. Dining rooms can benefit from these calming buttercup tones, setting a calm, comforting environment for guests and family. 

Walls in Lemon Salts™ No.43, Skirting & Window Frame in Hurlingham™ No.181, Beds in Lolly Pop™ No.275 (Wood & Metal Gloss)

In the Kitchen

Whilst living room spaces often use mainly emulsion finishes, kitchens offer scope to experiment with matt, eggshell and gloss finishes on cabinetry and woodwork. It can really enhance your interior design to add a feature contrast colour, and golden yellows like Freegrove Mustard™ and Circle Line™ No.45 are bold and striking enough to do this with. 

Cabinetry & Walls in Haymarket™ No.47, Shelves in Huguenot™ No.49, Ceiling in Charterhouse™ No.4

Cabinetry in Freegrove Mustard™ (Wood & Metal Eggshell), Walls in Honest John™ No.58, Ceiling in Whitehall™ No.9, Doors in Rothschild Street™ No.296 (Wood & Metal Eggshell)

In the Bathroom

Yellow paints are less common in bathroom settings, with blues and white tones being the most common, but even in these colour schemes, the perfect yellow can act as a great pairing to those tones. In the example pictured, the bathroom paint is a neutral grey whilst the striking Verdure Yellow™ No.148 offers a bold accent on the bathroom unit.

In the Bedroom

If you are looking to bring some warmth to your bedroom decor, a bright sunny yellow is sure to be a bold but brightening choice. Warm off whites balanced with soft ochre tones are great for creating a natural and comforting environment, especially when making use of soft and neutral furnishings. Soft contrast between wall paint and ceiling paint can be a subtle way of adding interest and changing the sense of space.


Orange paint gives an energising and unique feel to a home and also has a great range from bright standout colours to soft peach and terracotta shades. It can give a natural calm aesthetic when used in these softer options, which pairs very well with warm neutrals and greys, and earthy green paints. White paints with a hint of orange are unique and uplifting, but for a true feature in a room, a bold bright orange is perfect. 

Feature wall in Lolly Pop™ No.275