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Blue paint ideas for your home


Blues give a fresh feel to a space and evoke feelings of calm.

Often thought of as cool colours, blues can also bring warmth to a space through the soft tones and depth of pigments. Each colour can be used on its own or combined with any others within the palette for a harmonious and sophisticated interior. They can also be used with contrasting pinks, reds, greens or greys for a layered look.

walls & woodwork in Bond Street™ No.219 - @casaproudlock

Cabinetry in FTT-018™ - @tierneyterrace

Light Blue Paint

Blues are prevalent in many different areas, be it nature, art, interiors or fashion. Blue has an enduring appeal and is very versatile. Light blue can be very soothing, and more saturated blues can be stimulating or act as a quieter backdrop for other colours within a space.

Levels of saturation will dramatically change the feel of light blue paint, and we offer shades ranging from pale whites with cool blue undertones to brighter teal shades.

Mid-Blue Paint

Mid-blue paint colours can act as a balancing factor in a room, and dependent on factors such as undertones and pigmentation bring very unique character. Clear, sky blue tones which give a natural and spacious effect are often great for creating light and airy rooms. Baby blue shades and teal tones with more saturation can be used as a feature on woodwork, without being overly dramatic.

Dark Blue Paint

Deep, dark blue shades can be useful as a contrasting, stand out feature. They bring calm and intrigue, alongside sophistication and smartness. Dark blue paint is perfect for kitchen cabinets, or living room shelving and features. Testing these shades in a sample pot is always recommended as colours will look different based on the room, and you will be confident in your colour choice.

Using a combination of dark or navy blue and white paint can create a maritime feel, perfect for seaside properties and creating a naval aesthetic. 

WALLS IN BEDFORD SQUARE™ NO.229, WOODWORK IN MAUGHAM WHITE™ NO.2, Inside of beds in Maritime™ No.236

Blue in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a great space to use blue hues in, as it is naturally a space that should feel clean and fresh. Experimenting with different blue shades as both wall and/or ceiling paint is a great way to create a natural, calming space, and our emulsion paints are great for use in the bathroom.

Cabinetry in FTT-018™ - @tierneyterrace

Blue Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen cabinetry is constantly among our customers' favourite uses for blue paint. Dark blue woodwork paired with bright white walls creates contrast for a smart and elegant colour palette.

Lighter blue shades can add some fun and creativity to the space, with blue-greys being a great alternative for an airy feel without being too bright.

These ideas can also work in a dining room, which can be a particularly interesting space to use blue paint to create a calm and relaxed environment. Duck egg style blues such as Beaufort Gardens™ No.212 and Hawkesmoor™ No.112 work well in these spaces, as the abundance of grey tones allows the room to remain understated and natural whilst injecting more subtle colour.

Blue in the Bedroom

Blue bedrooms are extremely popular, and for good reason. The calming nature of the colour is perfect for these spaces, especially as more people work from home and require the bedroom to be relaxing and tranquil.

Blue walls can be a great base to create a deep, cosy environment. Natural light can play a big role in how this appears, fresher and calming during the day with your curtains open, and dark and warm with the lights low at night. Adding a pop of contrasting colour in your colour scheme such as yellow can be a really easy way to enhance your interior design.

Upper Cabinetry in Sloane Square™ No. 92, Lower Cabinetry in Bond Street™ No.219

Woodwork, Floors & Shelves

Woodwork is a great place to use all shades of blue paint. From high gloss front doors in light pastel and soft blues, to cabinetry and shelving in deep blues to bring sophistication to your interior design, the options to use blues are almost endless.

A fresh shade of paint can really turn your standard wooden furnishings into features, and blue is an especially good choice due to its versatility and the variety of shades on offer. Experimenting with different finishes and sheen levels also gives a different feel to the space, with our wood and metal paint offered in matt, eggshell and gloss. Mylands' wood and metal paint is a great interior and exterior paint.

Our floor paint looks great in smart colours and really adds a unique element to a room. Starkly different looks can be obtained from choosing a dark tone against lighter walls and vice-versa.