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Welcome to Mylands - Crafting High Quality Paints and Wood Polishes since 1884

Long Acre™ No.102 W&M Matt (Walls, Ceiling & Woodwork)_Natural Linen Earth Stain (Floorboards & Bench)_Sitting Room_Mylands_Landscape_@thecountryhousediaries_1 - Newsletter and web landscape.jpg__PID:d0fa9fce-0b07-4145-879e-1105b2172da6

Walls, Ceiling and Woodwork in Long Acre™ No.102  - @thecountryhousediaries

Mylands is delighted to now be available to clients in Austria and Germany with the launch of its international web platform and welcomes you to discover the brand’s story and longstanding heritage. 

Established in 1884, Mylands is Britain’s oldest, family-owned paint and polishes manufacturer. Having been passed down from generation to generation, Mylands has perfected the art of fine, richly pigmented paints with real depth of colour and high quality wood polishes over the course of its 140-year heritage. 

1908 - JOHN CHARLES FRANCIS MYLAND IN HIS OFFICE - Newsletter and web.jpg__PID:b193f23a-d876-4a49-8c69-0a80b3a30972
1905 - MYLANDS STOCKWELL ROAD SHOP - Newsletter and web landscape.jpg__PID:f23ad876-9a49-4c69-8a80-b3a30972d81f

Left: Founder, John Myland; Right: Founder, John Myland at Mylands' First Store Located in Stockwell Road, London

The illustrous story of Mylands traces back to founder, John Myland, who established his modest store in the heart of London, England. His unwavering commitment to providing the finest paints and polishes garnered a reputation for offering the exceptional across its offerings, which Mylands continues to proudly uphold by using the finest raw materials, including crushed Carrara marble. 

John Myland soon opened a factory near his store, where currently Mylands' own head office and factory are based. Mylands' production of its luxurious paint and quality wood polishes is still maintained in London and overseen by its esteemed Colour Scientists and team of experts. With this, the business has been passed down from generation to generation, with John's great-grand son, Dominic Myland at the helm of Mylands.

Through its rich heritage, Mylands paints have been famed from film sets to palaces, known in the industry for its unmatched quality and intense depth of colour. Across the world, Mylands has featured in numerous homes, proving its durability, ease of use and sustainable efforts. 

Through the years, Mylands has become synoymous with film, television and theatre production, as well as cultural institutions. Within film and television, Mylands has been part of largescale productions including James Bond (since the first movie, Dr. No); Harry Potter, Star Wars; The Barbie Movie; Game of Thrones and The Crown. Notable cultural instuitions has seen Mylands paints offset against artworks from David Hockey to Rubens in gallery spaces including The National Portrait Gallery and Dulwich Picture Gallery. 

As a testament to its expertise, Mylands was awarded a Royal Warrant in 1985 which has been upheld for 40 years. Its products have been used in the royal households, most notably Buckingham Palace. 

The signature collection, Colours of London pays tribute to Mylands' hometown and is a celebration of its British roots. Despite England's notorious grey skies, London proves to be full of colour - from iconic double decker buses, pastel terraced houses and bold statement front doors. 

The collection's conception began with current CEO Dominic and his father collecting colours across many of London's historic landmarks. The result was a carefully curated palette of 120 colours imbued with the essense of London. An immediate success, the Colours of London collection is now one of the brand's best sellers. 

Mylands further colour collections include The Archive Collection - 12 enduring shades, which celebrates Mylands' legacy; Greys & Neutral - is a 24 colour palette to build a timeless, sleek aesthetic; and the FTT (FIlm, TV and Threatre) Collection - reflective of Mylands' longstanding relationship with the entertainment industry, the collection comprises of an exclusive 20 colours taken from sets to be brought into the home. Mylands looks forward to you discovering more.

Mylands looks forward to welcoming you and hopes you will consider our paints and polishes for your upcoming projects. 

Discover Mylands wide variety of colours and collections below.

Mylands Colours of London Colour Card_Pleasure Gardens Green™ No.214_Landscape - Feed - square.jpg__PID:1f412f5c-34cb-4b50-8b5e-1cf1c5d2a2b6

Mylands Colours of London Colour Card
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