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Which colours go best with sage green walls?

So, you’ve looked through the many shades of green and you’ve plumped for a gorgeous sage green paint colour. Good choice! Sage green is really having a moment. It is an on-trend choice for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and even nurseries. Such is its versatility, it works anywhere from a front door to a family space.

Understated and timeless, sage green is a soft and gentle colour for home decor. Green is the colour of nature. That makes it wonderfully calming and familiar. Painting sage green walls will make your living space feel tranquil and reassuring.

Sage green pairs well with many colours. Think how you want it to make your room feel. Are you looking for a bold accent colour against the sage walls or something more neutral? We’ve got our top 10 ideas for colours to pair with sage walls.

Bath & Cabinetry Woodwork in Chester Square™ No.199, Walls and Ceilings in Honest John™ No.58, Window in Hoxton Grey™ No.72

10 colours that go with sage green

Sage green and wood

With sage green being a paint colour that’s derived from nature, it teams really well with natural materials. That could be wooden flooring, countertops or a wooden table and chairs. Equally, wooden chopping blocks and bowls are functional yet stylish items to include in your room decor to complement the sage green walls.

Terracotta is another natural material that would work well with shades of sage. Terracotta floor tiles look amazing in a kitchen. You could also incorporate lush greenery in terracotta pots.

Sage green and white

Bright white is the perfect way to enhance natural light and make a space feel fresh and clean. Adding sage green to the crisp white colour scheme softens it and prevents it from looking harsh and stark.

In this photo, the mix of white and sage green kitchen cabinets updates a traditional country kitchen. Painting kitchen cabinets is a great way to makeover the room without the huge investment of an entirely new kitchen. Here, a gorgeous colour combination of Mylands Myrtle Green™ No.168 and Grosvenor Square™ No.109 has been used for an effortlessly chic style.

Sage green and soft grey

These neutral tones work together so well. In fact, sage green paint often has grey undertones. Our Greenstone™ No.190 paint is actually a grey-green shade so it would look great alongside grey in a colour scheme.

In this sweet, stylish nursery, neutral tones have been layered to great effect. The bedroom walls have been painted in Mylands Greenstone™ No.190, with white on the ceiling and door to enhance the light. The chest of drawers is in a neutral grey tone, like natural stone, with warm wood on the top. Then the soft grey carpet completes the neutral decor. The overall vibe is balanced, soft and calm which is just the ambience you want for a baby’s room.

Sage green and dusty pink

Adding pale pink to soft sage is such a pretty combination. It’s a colour combo that’s reminiscent of trees in blossom or peonies in bloom. Pops of dusty pink will add warmth and friendliness to a sage green bedroom.

If you’re looking for decorating ideas for a bedroom, this look is just divine. The pairing of sage green (Mylands Greenstone™ No.190) on the lower wall and fresh white (Mylands Maugham White™ No.2) is a serene and timeless combination. The black definition to divide the two neutral colours is a clever way to add interest and style. The woven headboard and the pink cushions add gentle warmth and differing textures.

Sage green and sky blue

An alternative to pale pink is sky blue. Paired with sage green, it’s another pretty combination that’s seen in nature. Sky blue works well as an accent wall or colour - it’s fresh, uplifting and calming - and an ideal companion to earthy neutral colour schemes.

Here, the colour combination makes a comforting yet slightly playful look for a child’s bedroom. The stylish mix of colours, patterns and textures add layers of interest whilst remaining well balanced. The muted sage walls sit comfortably next to the patterned taupe wallpaper. Adding the sky blue chest of drawers lifts the colour scheme, without being too bold.

Chest of Drawers in Bedford Square™ No.229, Lower wall in Chester Square™ No.199, Upper Wall in Pure White™ No.1 - @twopigsonehouse

Sage green and creamy neutrals

If you want to make a room feel serene and calming, paint with this easy colour combination. The subtle shades are soft and gentle. As such, sage green and neutral works well in bedrooms, bathrooms or even kitchens. Keep the style simple or use it as a basis upon which to layer other elements of colour, texture and interest.

Creamy neutrals make a good alternative to bright white or crisp white wall paint. They provide the necessary lightness and contrast without feeling sterile. Neutrals from taupe to cream to beige all sit well alongside sage green wall paint.

In this bathroom, the neutral wall paint (Mylands Honest John™ No.58) provides an easy backdrop to the green cabinets (Mylands Chester Square™ No.199). It’s a clean and fresh feel which is ideal for a bathroom.

Sage green and dark green

These earthy colours are a colour combination that we see in natural woodland. As such, it can feel enveloping. The paler green adds much needed lightness and contrast to the dark green accent colour. This scheme works particularly well with mid-century styling.

In this photo, the dark green (Mylands Artillery Ground™ No.164) draws the eye along the hallway to the entrances of the other rooms. The paler green on the walls (Chester Square™ No.199) prevents the hallway from being gloomy and dark. This scheme of traditional shades of green is ideal for a classic dining room style too.

Sage green and sleek black

Looking for something a little bolder and with a touch of drama? Go for black cabinetry alongside your sage green accent wall. It brings a modern style to a room and looks so sophisticated. Pops of metallic gold serve to emphasise that sophistication as well as reflecting light.

You could use sage green paint to soften a monochrome room and add some warmth. Or place greenery against a black backdrop to make the green stand out and to break up the blackness. Touches of soft sage will transform a dramatic colour scheme like black and white, preventing it from being severe.

Sage green and gold

Gold is a surprisingly suitable companion for sage green cabinets or walls. In addition, gold (and brass) is on-trend right now, as is sage green.

Metallics feel luxurious. Whether you opt for elegant and traditional or super slick modern styling, there are metallic accessories to suit the look. Gold stands out against soft, sage green but won’t compete with it. From a simple gold vase to a striking piece of gold embossed artwork, gold sits perfectly against sage green.

Sage green and silver

As an alternative to gold, silver has a similar effect. It lifts a room with shine and light-enhancing reflection. A silver mirror, light-shade or picture frame add an elegant shimmer to a room’s decor. That provides an interesting sheen and texture that contrasts with muted matt green walls.

Silver is also prevalent in a kitchen, be it the stainless steel appliances or backsplash. At a simple level, changing accessories from white to metallic can make a big difference. Take time to choose your hardware as it can transform the room decor. The simple DIY task of changing the drawer or door handles or light fittings to metallics is a really effective makeover technique.

Our top colours to go with sage green walls:

• Wood - enhances the organic, natural environment
• White - to contrast and add light
• Grey - a complementary neutral shade
• Soft pink - this subtle pastel complements grey-greens
• Sky blue - a pretty pastel tone to add interest
• Creamy neutrals - for a balanced, warm look
• Dark green - layer your shades of green as in nature
• Black - a bold addition to a contemporary green kitchen or living space
• Gold - looks sleek and luxe
• Silver - adds shimmer and shine

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